About me

This is what I like and what I do best
After working at the BEST Event Agency Livesolutions I started my own business 1st of January 2014: Simone Produceert (dot) which means I continued what I like doing the most, producing events, as an independent producer.
During the 7 years at Livesolutions I was able to work with great brands on even greater events. All creative, innovative Business events where sharing a message is key. Ever since I made this step I was lucky enough to be able to work on a wide variety of (International) events and many different clients……. and having fun along the way!

This is me!
Both in my business and personal live curious to find out about the unknown and approaching everything with a positive mindset. I like to be surrounded by motivated people that have an urge for creating beautiful things.

I am focused on details, communication, design and have an extended technical knowledge. I can be commercial when needed, always interested in the people I work with and for. I am used to work completely independent and committed to make a success of what I am responsible for. Besides producing events I also enjoy working as a show director. Being able to focus on one part of an event adds a welcome variation to my work life.

Prices won!
2016 | Eubea Awards | TNW Conference | Sint Peterborough | First price “Best European Conference”
2022 | Conference & Events Awards | DPW Conference | London | Third price “Best Virtual event over 1500 delegates”

Clients I work(ed) for: HashiCorp, DPW, TNW, Booking.com, HAProxy, Heijmans, Regio College, WeTransfer, SingularityU The Netherlands, TMG, Sunny Cars, TEDxAmsterdam Women, Accenture, Marcel Wanders, Bols, Pop Vriend Seeds.
These events are partly to be found in my portfolio.